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-Our Origin-

The Bossy Gourmet originated in New Mexico when an extremely talented chef was teaching a non-cook how to prepare food.  The chef instructed and then watched as the helper attempted to dice onions, stir sauce, and prepare vegetables for cooking.  The chef barked out instructions to the helper until the helper was so scared that he could no longer perform the easiest of kitchen duties.  After several seconds went by, the chef could no longer use restraint and bumped the helper out of the way and proceeded to prepare the food alone.  The helper named the chef, The Bossy Gourmet, because it described the chef in the most appropriate manner.  Since that fateful day, the chef and the helper combined culinary expertise and business acumen to form the company now known as The Bossy Gourmet.

We Put PEPPERS First!

Ingredients Matter

-Green Chile Salsa       -Red Chile Salsa      -Jalapeño Salsa      -Roasted Green Chile Salsa      -New Mexico Green Chile Salsa

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